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"A Day in the Life" photography session will give you absolutely timeless and precious memories of your everyday life together. In fifty years' time, you can look back on these photographs and remember the very simple things that you did together as a family; having breakfast, going for a walk, playing games, or simply hanging out in the house.


"A Day in the Life" session with Andre Terrell need only be a few hours, or it can be a full day starting with waking up and ending at bedtime. These are the memories that we carry around in our heads forever, but we rarely have them in photographs. We will come to your home in your city.


  • Fusion video (photos+video) 10 to 20 minutes
  • Hardcover lay flat album (with full session only)


A non-refundable booking fee equal to 50% of the estimated cost of your session must be paid in advance.  "A Day In The Life" sessions are booked for 4 or 8  hours at $100 per hour. We won't be able to confirm your session until the booking fee has been paid in full.


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