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Photo On the Street is a photo workshop series that will unravel the mysteries of digital technology and photography. Digital photography is growing in popularity and advanced photo equipment is becoming accessible to all of us — and with that comes a whole new world of things to learn and master. After attending one of our workshops you will come out with the knowledge, tools and confidence to take better pictures and make digital photography work for you. Our curriculum is geared for people of varying beginner skill-levels and with all kinds of equipment.  New schedule coming soon.


This Two Day workshopwill introduce you to lighting by learning the basics and then working with the tools of the trade to make the images you see in your head. We start with basics and move through the amazing world of lighting. We aren't interested in sticking a flash on your camera and clicking away.


New schedule coming soon.


The 2009-2010 Itinerary.

It may vary a bit due to weather and light conditions, but all of the material you see below will be in the workshop... and more.


Day One
7am to 8am: Setup and Pre-workshop Discussion (Optional)

8am to 9am: Overview of Light and Light Modification Tools

9am to 10am: Light and the Subject

  • Working with the Subjects in the Light
  • How to Use Light to Create the Image You Want
  • Working with Models Part One
  • F-stop choice... How it Matters - a lot.

10am to 11am: Setups for Professional Results
(Mix of Studio Lights and Speedlights)

11am - Noon: Lunch

1pm - 3-3:30pm

  • Shooting Models in the Setups (Models rotate through the groups)
  • This is a shoot time for working with models in different light setups, Photographers shoot in all setups as well as all models.
  • Setup Photos encouraged / workbook has graphing for notes

3:30 to 5:30pm

  • Lighting for Location Portraits
  • "Beach Light" Setup for Beauty
  • Creating a shot in a bad location - Using Light as a Subject
  • Model shoot with new techniques
  • "Knowing" your Speedlight: a technique for taking the guesswork out of working with small strobes.

5:30pm to 6pm: Teardown

Day Two
8am to 9am: Optional hour for discussion/review - a casual time for talk

9am to 10am: Natural Light and Natural Light Modifiers

10am to 11pm: Models on Location

11am to 12pm: Lunch

12:30pm to 2pm: Shooting on location with models

2pm to 3pm: When the Location Sucks

4pm to 5:30pm: Model Shooting with assignment sheets.

5:30pm to 6pm: Wrapup and Discussion



  • Saturday$149
  • Sunday$199
  • Both days$300

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Work Shops

Photo On the Street is a photo workshop series that travels around the country to various cities, unraveling the mysteries of digital technology and photography. moreinfo

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